After having a very unfavorable childbirth experience with a doula who never arrived to the birth of my son, I thought that I would never be able to be coached through a natural childbirth again. However, this all changed after just one Therapy Session with Nishi Jumna, who is not only an expert in natural healing but also a knowledgeable midwife. After our first session of Reiki Therapy, I was able to identify my fears about the birth process. Nishi also encouraged me to focus my attention on all the positive thoughts in my life, which immediately gave me a sense of relaxation and euphoria. Nishi  used guided imagery tohelp me visualize the childbirth that I want. Thanks to Nishi, I picture a more relaxed birthing process, not completely free of pain, but with the confidence and skill to breathe deeply through my contractions and stay in touch with all of the positive thoughts surrounding me and my baby.  With the use of Angel Stone, Rose Quartz, and Tanzanite, Nishi assisted me in transferring positive energy, emotional strength, and love throughout my entire body. The energy that Nishi exuberates alone has renewed my sense of confidence in having a natural birth and look forward to sharing this beautiful experience with her. I am so thankful for Nishi.

Jennifer March

I have experienced Nishi’s healing capabilities first hand. Nishi’s aromatherapy techniques and Reiki practices have done wonders on reducing stress, pain and anxiety in our patience’s in intensive care. Nishi works on patients and nurses in the hospital to help soothe and relax. She has a very instinctive touch. Nishi vast knowledge of alternative medicine combined with her years  of experience as a  bedside Registered Nurse give her a duality of experience and knowledge that approaches healing through Western and Eastern practices. Charlotte Lipsky

Thank you for the Adi Shaktee.  It’s hard for me to find the right words to describe just how amazing and mind boggling the experience was. My grandmother passed away this April.  She had been a strong mother figure to me and I loved her so much.  Then my mom underwent knee surgery and I was so scared of any complications or the possibility of another loss.  However, I am the eldest of three children and felt a responsibility to show a strong front. On our first encounter, I truly felt the warmth of your energy passing through your hands into mine.  My eyes were closed and I was in the dark but I wasn’t scared.  I felt so calm and safe.  Then, in that tranquil state, when you told me to let go of all that is not useful to me… I became tearful.  Emotionally, I felt this immense relief lifted off my shoulders that I never consciously realized I had burdened myself with.  It was as if you lifted away my worries and anxiety.  Your energy provided me with unbelievable peace and clarity that I will never forget.  There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for this experience and hope to have another unbelievable Adi Shaktee session with you again. Nathalia Guizon

Nishi is a very special woman. I was so lucky to receive her healing touch when I was very sick in the hospital and during my recovery. Every session has been amazing and transformative…a body-soul experience you have to feel to fully understand!

Nishi’s  healing touch is both intuitive and nurturing. I can say with certainty and deep appreciation that she is a gifted healer.  The love and understanding is sooo…… powerful,  it never leaves you.

Victoria Ramirez

How do I begin – I guess this is speaking to the skeptics out there. I believe in God, I strongly believe in God working through others to heal. I remain skeptic of a lot of things (some believer – huh?) but I continually work on myself. It is days like the one that led to my encounter with Nishi’s healing touch that reinforced my belief in the ability of people to heal one another. We all have our unique gifts and Nishi’s healing touch is one unique gift. Nishi said, “Keep quiet, hold your back straight, take some deep breaths and blow out slowly, and be open to receive”. I was open alright! I wanted this pain to go away. See, a few days back, I had a patient who weighed almost 280 pounds and as he was getting better, was more awake, he became more demanding and of course after having laid in the hospital bed for about 2 weeks already, he wanted to turn more frequently than the lift team was able to help out with this process. Being a diligent nurse, I set out to take care of my patient, with the help of others of course. I consider myself athletic and am conscious of proper body postures/mechanics when moving or lifting. I guess, I was not much of an expert because soon my back was hurting. I took 2 days off and the night I returned, I had excruciating pain and had my back brace on. I could not work and was miserable. I did not even lift anything or move anyone but my back got progressively worse and I was alarmed. That’s when Nishi saw me and offered me “a session”. I was ready to try anything so I accepted. After about 5 minutes of keeping quiet and deep breathing and being open with Nishi barely placing her hands on my back on the area with pain, the session was over. When she was done, I did not have pain any more! I thought to myself, I am going to wait and by the end of the shift I will assess better if my back was really healed. To this day, which is approximately a month ago, I do not have any back pain. My back is fine and I have been at work since. Thank you, Nishi. Eva Kansiime

RN, UCLA Medical Center

Ms. Nishi Jumna is a compassionate, great healer with a depth of experience and skills that are exemplary. She provides the highest quality of Nursing combined with Integrative therapy in our ICU environment. The results are pure magic. Her patients experience less pain medication needs, improved sleep quality, and greatly decreased anxiety as Ms. Jumna practices her gifts. She is a natural intuitive that is supported by a strong gift of what needs to be done. She is masterful at her assessment and developing a proper course of treatment.

Kathleen Dean

RN/Administrative Nurse I, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

I am not sure whether you remember me, my name is Kelly, and I am the young woman who came to the unit tearful with the swollen perineum last week.   I am sorry to bother you on your email, but still hope you receive this message.  Thank you so, so much for your expert, kind, loving, patient, gentle care during those minutes in the middle of the night when I was so vulnerable.  Your words, expression and the (reiki?) zen session were more therapeutic than any medical care I have ever received.  I want to eventually come in person and give you a hug to say thank you, but for now, I wanted to email this message, let you know that you are right, my body is taking care of the injury, and that I am so very grateful.



I had a sharp pain in my stomach for three days. I believe I pulled a muscle. I was in so much agony I told Nishi about my pain. She took care of it like any other pain. It was like magic. She told me to “close my eyes and take a deep breath.” Her hands were really hot and I could feel the heat go through my skin. Before I knew it, my pain had subsided and it soon vanished. If was like magic and all I can say is, Thank you, Nishi. You truly have a special gift and I can always count on you to take good care of me when I am in pain.



Dearest Nishi ,

I wanted to reach out to you and say Thank you again for the amazing session you were holding with me.
It was truly wonderful to observe , how I finally could let go a bit , of some of the stuck , stagnating emotions in my solar plexus…. Although knowing, this was just the tip of an iceberg, and I can feel, there is so much more to be released….
I am hoping, I will find someone,here in germany, who can do the same thing, who is able to support me in releasing.
Although it was quiet painful,. it worked and I felt a bit better afterwords. I am full of gratitude that you took the time, to simply help me !!!!!!

I wish you most of luck and success for the start of your practice and hope that many clients will come and receive wonderful treatments from you .

Much Love & Light ,   [10/2015] Nastja


Before I was afraid to open up to others, I didn’t want to get too attached, I was afraid of getting hurt, looking stupid, and feeling dumb.  Being able to accept myself and love myself gave me the courage to be vulnerable and take risks.  Naturally and organically I just communicated and connected to people around me better.  I can let people in now instead of blocking them off.  

I feel as if I’m more capable of handling the emotional and psychological stresses of working as a nurse.  I can be there for patients genuinely and the patients and family can feel it.  I receive more praises from family members and patients.  I just feel like I exude this natural and positive ora or energy and the family members and patients feel that as well.  I can’t explain it, I just feel an improvement in the relationships I form between patients and families.  I guess since I’m not afraid to get attached, I can be honest and let people in.  I’m also not too concerned about impressing anyone.  I’m at a point in my life that I can accept me for me regardless what others think.  I choose what about me I like and what I can work on changing or improving.  I am also more open and accepting of others as they are instead of being judgmental and trying to change others.  

My experience with spiritual guidance had a significant impact in my performance at work.  As a nurse, I didn’t feel as if I could connect with people, my co-workers or my patients.  Maybe I felt disconnected altogether.  I was unhappy personally and professionally.  I didn’t feel important or loved by my husband and I couldn’t explain it to him.  I didn’t know how to communicate with my own husband who I have been with for 17 years.  I kept arguing with him and nothing was accomplished.  The increased awareness helped me get to know myself, what was bothering me, and why I felt certain ways.  Then I was able to communicate better with my husband improving our relationship.  I can’t remember ever feeling so happy with our relationship.  With decreased stress in my personal life, I was more capable to withstand the stress at work.  My communication skills also improved all around beyond my husband but to all those around me.  Better communication and increased awareness enhanced my ability to connect with people in general.  My interactions with people became more meaningful naturally and organically.  The connections felt genuine and even gratifying.

Spiritual guidance helped me untangle the tumble weed of thoughts and feelings and uncover the root to my inner turmoil.  The enlightenment helped me express myself clearer.  It was just a different energy.  I can’t explain it.  I guess I feel lighter now that I’m not carrying all this baggage called anger and misery.  



Nurse, 09/2015



My 16 and a half year old Himalayan Seal Point Cat was diagnosed with Kidney Failure a few months ago. My Husband and I have been giving him daily IV fluids since the diagnosis, as well as several holistic supplements and herbs. However, aside from taking him to the Vet, we felt a deep calling to have Nishi meet him, work on him and treat him. I am very happy that I listened to the call because the treatment was fantastic and very much needed. Nishi has an authentic healing energy that I cannot put into words. She was able to offer me a lot of wisdom and understanding of what Sebastian is experiencing and how we, as a family can focus on and manifest healing for him and all of us.

When Sebastian first met Nishi, he was immediately drawn to her. He greeted her at the door, which is very rare for him to do with anyone besides his “Mom and Dad” — he then started purring and sniffing and getting to “know” her right away! It was very sweet.

Observing Nishi in action was beautiful to witness. She shared her gift of Reiki and energy healing with Sebastian in the sweetest of ways. She was patient, gentle, kind and deeply connected to him. She was able to work on him in a way that felt very unobtrusive and she did not scare him off. He stayed with us the entire time, by choice 🙂 He knew he was receiving the healing light and he had no interest in leaving.

Nishi created a space for Divine grace to unfold. I respect and admire Nishi’s personal practice and that is why I trusted her to work on my Cat. I know that because she works on herself and has a deep, authentic relationship with the Divine, she is the perfect vessel of transmitting these healing energies. She spent about an hour with Sebastian and soon after she left, he was active, alert and peaceful in his Soul.

Nishi holds a special energy that all Beings can benefit from. She is a natural nurturer and has a great Spirit. She is fun to be around and has a contagious smile that radiates love. We are already planning on having Nishi treat Sebastian again next week and are looking forward to it.

Sebastian is receptive and willing and that is all it takes … willingness and openness to connect. Thank you Dearest Nishi for your healing touch, your Love and your Light. We are blessed and deeply grateful.


Prema, Rama and Sebby


Testimonial for Spiritual Guidance:

I gained confidence in myself and I learnt to trust myself and my capabilities.

I feel I have more confidence. I used to be worried about being, “judged” but now I just take it as a learning experience and go with the flow. I learned that the trauma in my childhood actually helped me to become what I am today. I used to think that trauma was a negative thing but the sessions really helped me open up to see that they were valuable to who I am now.

I now trust my intuition and my Self. I feel that the knowledge that I gained can improve the quality of the lives of the people I work with. I can see the positive perspective in life’s events and learn as I go. I trust myself and I trust my instincts.




Prior to the Spiritual Guidance process, I would describe myself as lost and confused. I would not have  been able to tell you who I was or what I was all about. I didn’t know what I really wanted or where I wanted to go in life.

After experiencing Spiritual Guidance with Nishi, I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I feel enlightened. In such a short time I got to know myself on a deeper level and in a more meaningful way. I feel incredible. I am more confident, and more than just value myself, I have learned to love myself.



Spiritual Guidance helped me focus a little better on what I wanted for myself. I never had this type of spiritual guidance. I felt it was refreshing to hear someone else’s point of view. I think I learned to appreciate the little things I do for myself now and not feel guilty about it. It is still hard and a work in progress, but now I value what I do for myself and it helps me appreciate the little things more.

I learnt to be open minded, to accept help when it is offered and to pay attention to my feelings in any situation. I think by having an objective person’s outlook can really effect the way I see things. With self -practice as well as Spiritual Guidance I don’t feel so alone. I feel confident.



The moment I first opened up to Nishi was during one of our breakfast outings we shared together. The place was busy, and it was one of those times after work when I just felt exhausted but when I ponder why, it is not off physical exhaustion but an emotional ache that I didn’t realize had been resting inside of me for a long time. Although I always have a positive and relaxed disposition, Nishi was able to bring out what has been stopping me to let go of that burden. Her presence and words half therapeutic impact that I instantly felt despite the places unusual setting. I am not an expressive person, but no words move me in a way that make my eyes watery, and I didn’t understand why. I didn’t realize that was the start off my encounter on spiritual guidance with her.

I went to one of Nishi’s session to continue the experience. I always hear about people having gifts of spiritual healing, but I have never gotten to experience being in a situation where I needed one. I didn’t know what to expect at first, skeptic as I am on results and how the session is going to be, I just let myself immerse in the moment. Only a few minutes during our session, Nishi was able to help me identify what was stopping me to let go of that emotional ache. I immediately sensed a vast relief. I became tearful, and I cannot understand why. It was transforming. I felt a heavy weight of anger and grief will lifted off my shoulders. Nishi touched my head, but I felt the warmth in my entire body. Her energy gave me peace. I felt serene. It’s magical. I guess I have never realized how this burden greatly impacted how I connect with people and my performance at work.

Nishi has a special gift. I am privileged and grateful to receive my first-hand experience spiritual guidance with her. I believe that people, no matter what their walk of life is, should experienced this kind of healing. It has improved my communication and interactions with my husband, my family and those people around me. I feel that it has enhanced my ability to connect with them, even to the people I work with and my patients. Life is now more meaningful.