Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop is a technique of healing that is learned from the Lakota Tradition. Gary Young learned this skill from Wallace Black Elks who shared that this technique which was taught from one generation to the next as a form of healing. According to one of the Native Elders, “the sick among us would hold their hands to the lights, inhaling deeply and breathing in this healing energy, spreading it to their spines and along neurological pathways to bring balance and healing.”

When the US/Canada border closed and migration was prohibited, the Lakota began mentally practicing this form of energy healing by substituting effleurage (feather stroking) for the Northern Lights to diffuse the energy throughout the body.

Raindrop Therapy is described as a technique of applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the back, over the spinal column, and on the feet along the reflex points of the spine. Oils are massaged/stroked into the tissue using feather stroking, dropping the oils onto the body simulating raindrops and Vitaflex.

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