Spiritual Guidance/Life Coaching (1 Hour Session)


“Spiritual guidance enables you to deeply listen to your essential self. Your search for meaning is unique. You can deepen your relationship with what you hold sacred and live more fully from those values.” Sofia University

Spiritual guidance is something very personal. My personal journey with spiritual guidance has led me to discover who “I” am and redefine my purpose in life. Spirit/soul is a vital part of each and every one of us. Events of a spiritual/intuitive/synchronistic nature occur in our everyday lives, leaving us in awe about how they came about and for that brief moment, we bask in the magic of that special moment.

Spiritual guidance offers the seeker an opportunity to explore their internal environment and get a feel for who we really are. I personally have discovered valuable strengths through the process of healing past traumas.

Rediscover yourself by journeying through the maze of your inner self. Maximize your potential in life by transforming your weakness/trauma into stepping stones to success.

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