Emotional Release Therapy (1 Hour Session)


Emotions are like and ocean within us. They rise and subside like waves. Based on stimuli from the outside, we awaken emotions relating to similar events we have experienced in the past resulting in preconceived responses to the situation. While some are positive, we hold negative emotions that prevent us from attaining our full potential. Our emotions become our filters and we hold ourselves back for the fear of failing or fear of being hurt again. Emotions are versatile and can manifest as worry, a judgment, a somatic pain or illness, or even personality changes for fear of rejection or isolation.

Emotional release offers you the opportunity to heal negative emotions by addressing the questions/needs that remain unfulfilled. This process gives you the opportunity to look at both polarities of the emotion in a controlled and safe setting and to reprogram your teach yourself a healthier coping skill by releasing the negative hold the emotion has on your ability to move forward.

Emotional release puts you in touch with your most vulnerable self and allows you to recreate a stronger more positive reality in place of the wounded reality that exists.

The process involves the use of essential oils and affirmations which the clients will create based on the emotion that has to be released. This is a two part process which begins in the office. Clients will have work to do on their own to facilitate this process of release. Clients are offered support and guidance throughout the process of emotional release.

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