Aromatherapy and Reiki (1/2 Hour Session)


Your journey is a layering of the various modalities of care provided at Adi Shaktee. You are invited to choose the modalities you feel called to use to make your session relaxing and rejuvenating.

Each session begins with the process of intention setting. Clients are invited to set an intention which sets the stage for the work we are about to embark on. Intention setting allows the client to shed light on those aspects of themselves or their lives that they seek guidance with or need clarification in. In addition to intentions, clients have a choice of healing crystals and essential oils to support them in feeling a deeper sense of emotional release as well as relaxation. [The use of crystal and essential oils are optional depending on the client’s preference]

You may choose to experience your session on a massage table or in a restorative yoga position, on a yoga mat; supported by props. Positioning options will be assessed on site based on the individual clients needs and mobility.

Embraced in the soothing scents of essential oils (if you choose to use them), you are infused with the gentle and nurturing warmth of healing Reiki. In a uniform sequence, the entire body is given healing, Reiki. It is not uncommon for clients to feel warmth or tingling as the energy meridians and chakras of the subtle body are unblocked and energy flow through the body is restored.

Our online scheduling and payment solution has been set up for your convenience. Please add the service to your cart and request the desired date and time for your appointment. You will receive an email with the details of your booking. Once your appointment is confirmed by Adi Shaktee, you will receive a second confirmation email with a link to  the site to pay for your services. Please ensure the services are paid for before your scheduled appointment.

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