Shaktee Circle

 Sacred Circle is an ancient practice of honoring our divinity and acknowledging our connection to the divine.
Adi Shaktee Sacred Circle invites all women to share in the tradition of empowering each other by creating sacred space.
It is my desire to create a safe and sacred space for us to share our challenges and find the support as well as empowerment we need to face the challenges life has to offer. Women in my eyes are the sacred vehicles of change. Whether we are aware of it or not, we have the power to heal, the power to create and the power to manifest from deep within the core of our beings.
The rat race, however, deludes us into believing that we are limited in our abilities.
Join us for bi-monthly sacred circles where you will be offered the opportunity to share your challenges, get insight into your queries, offer your skills in support of another or receive the love of your fellow sacred feminine sister who will empower you through their journeys and life experiences.
Our practice includes aromatherapy, energy work, emotional release, intention setting and self-expression through voluntary sharing of our personal experiences/challenges.
Please RSVP if you plan on attending to enable us to prepare accordingly. I look forward to sharing sacred space you.
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