Amazonite (Stone of Soothing and Courage)

Amazonite  (Stone of Soothing and Courage)

Amazonite is a member of the Feldspar family. It is generally opaque with colors that range from deep bluish- green to pale greens.

There are two legends regarding the naming of the stone. The first is legend states that the stone gets its name from the Amazon River where it was discovered, while the second reveals the association of the name to a group of women who worshipped the Goddess Diana. These women, the Amazonite women were known for their courage and bravery, hence the properties of the stone.

Amazonite Mystical Properties

As the, “stone of courage,” Amazonite fills the heart determination. It aids in creating and sustaining focus on goals.

Bearers of the stone have a clearer vision of situations and are more at ease in appreciating both sides of the situation. Amazonite fosters respect, grace, intuitiveness, self-confidence, creative expression, confident communication, cooperation in groups, and self-assuredness.

Amazonite has the ability to create a balance between the male and female polarities of one’s personality. It is also said to attract the flow of luck and money. Combined with its intuitive abilities, it is the stone of choice for fortune seekers.

Healing Properties of Amazonite

The healing potential of the stone is magnified by the intensity of its color. The gem of the Amazon is recognized for relief of symptoms in conditions ranging from physical exhaustion, emotional stress, fear and emotional trauma.

In the process of balancing the masculine and feminine polarities of an individual, Amazonite is also instrumental in aligning the etheric body with the physical, creating a deeper sense of grounding and calmness.

On a metabolic level, Amazonite is said to be beneficial in balancing metabolic deficiencies, which prevent tooth decay, osteoporosis, and removes harmful calcium deposits in the body.



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