The Journey Begins…

The Journey Begins…

Welcome to my maiden voyage at blogging and the launch of Adi Shaktee, as you know it.

To many, perhaps all of you, this is probably another avenue for you to find solace in the form of relaxation. When you visit the site, it is not hard to draw this conclusion, however Adi Shaktee, to me personally; is so much more than that which meets the material eye of our clients.

I would like to take you on a trip down the avenues of creation of this amazing oasis, which to date, has brought joy and solace to so many.

We live in a world in which the demand for technology and its value has exceeded that of human lives and the preservation of our planet. A world in which profit, material gains and so called progress have become the bottom line. I have no idea when the race began, I just know that I became a functional part of it in order to seem “normal” and to prove that I had what it took to “make it” in this society.

My dreams of a “better life” brought me half way around the world in search of something? At the time I thought it was progress, but now I am not so sure that that is what I would call it. Many of us do this for reasons of our own, but looking back, I wonder whether it is what I really wanted.

I left home more than fifteen years ago and my first ten years away from home where punctuated with the most powerful lessons a young woman can learn. During this time, the rat race had consumed me to the point of no return. My spiritualty was my only solace and through it, I found my way back. Note, I said spirituality and not religion.

During these years, I was challenged like never before and the hardest part was going through them myself and learning the lessons hidden in each obstacle. At the time, the world seemed miserable and the rat race a never ending ordeal. The ends never met and the harder I tried to pull them closer, the further away they slipped. Frustrated and exhausted, I kept going,for that was what society taught me to do, until the light bulb within the depths of me went on. With each lesson, the current me, emerged.  A stronger, more confident and focused woman with a purpose and clarity on who is was and what I needed to do.

While I remain in my profession and in the rat race, I took charge of myself and decided to play the game by my rules and not that of the society I lived in. It’s been a beautiful five years since I made this decision and since, I have found myself liking the new me. I feel empowered, I feel courageous, I feel loved and most of all, I feel fulfilled. None of these feelings have anything to do with material wealth, and everything to do with me finding myself, appreciating myself and honoring the person I was becoming with my new outlook on life. When I found Nishi and decided to make her my first priority, my life changed for the best. Looking back, I can honestly say that there is truth in self-love and it’s also true that once you learn to love yourself, everything else falls into place. At least for me it did.

This story brings us to the birth of Adi Shaktee. Over the years, I have accumulated the knowledge and the skills, but I had no idea of what to do with them. I know that each and every individual is connected energetically and together we are also connected to the universal flow of energy. When we are in sync with this flow we are more relaxed and more productive in our lives.

I am also gifted and resourceful in listening and giving advice. I know I feel great when I am able to motivate individual and see them succeed. I am really grounded in the paths of bhakti, karma, gyana and raja yoga; and I love being there for my loved ones.

Finding a way to bring this to the world as well as promote my desire for planet preservation was the challenge. How was I going to show the world that the harmony of the individual is directly proportional to that of our planet? How was I going to show you that, your suffering and pain is a reflection of what our planet feels and that by addressing your needs and empowering you to live your truth, we could restore the harmony and balance of the planet. Ecopsychology is a relatively new term and this is what it is all about. Eco-psychology is a big word that simply means that we are connected and that we feel each other’s pains. In healing ourselves, we heal not just the individual, but our planet in the process.

Many academics have written books on the subject and I won’t dwell on the subject, except to say that this meaningful concept, with the love and nurturing of the divine feminine energies of this universe have guided me into creating this platform or this oasis called Adi Shaktee.

I have poured my passion into Her and seen Her blossom. While She may seem like a “business” to most, Adi Shaktee is my passion and my drive to create social change by showing you the way. She is the vehicle that is going to transport you one session at a time to a more confident and more powerful being if you are up for the challenge and willing to see yourself transform.

My journey has taught me about surrender, and trusting. About nurturing and love. Not the love that changes when it finds an excuse to change, but unconditional love that stands the test of time. A love that begins with me and ripples out to everyone and everything I touch. Somewhere along the way, humility, sharing and abundance joined the trip and as I journey further; more gifts follow.

The greatest gift this process has given me is peace of mind and gratitude for the blessings that have touched, me. When I look back at those dark and miserable years, I have no regrets. I am grateful for the lessons and feel that without those challenges I would not have arrived to be the me that I am. It is this I wish you share with you. This process of looking at the obstacles and seeing the silver lining instead of the grey cloud and using this to your advantage. I look forward to seeing you soon and working with you… Blessing on your path.

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