Adi Shaktee Mission Statement

At Adi Shaktee; we are inspired and motivated to promote healing, restore integrity, and self-expression through empowerment of our clients. Our care is based in holistic modalities to support you on your journey to a stronger, grounded, and more confident you.

Our Staff

Nishi Jumna

Nishi embraced her calling as a practitioner of the healing arts more than twenty years. In addition to her nursing qualifications in midwifery, psychiatric nursing and general nursing; Nishi is a certified integrative therapist skilled in reiki, aromatherapy and restorative yoga.
First as a registered nurse in the world of western medicine and later as an energy/light worker, Nishi’s cultural heritage as well as her life in South Africa have contributed to the skills she brings to Adi Shaktee. Her ability to balance the need for both western and alternative care modalities gives her the edge in providing a balanced and holistic approach to her client’s needs.
Nishi is an active listener and a compassionate healer who believes in facilitating a sense of wellbeing by empowering. She works with clients to address their immediate needs, and provides them with information, referrals and tools to help them help themselves in the long run. Nishi’s vision is based on making her client’s feel at home in their own bodies through the delivery of the various modalities of care available at Adi Shaktee.

A Message from Nishi

For a long time I have wanted to be useful in empowering people, but did not know how to approach this topic. I wanted a way to reach people in a loving, nurturing environment and to encourage them to embrace the potential they have to create, to manifest and to heal.

After much deliberation, the concept of Adi Shaktee was born. My questions to myself were…

How can I facilitate the process of awakening of the Divine Feminine within our modern day citizens? How can I empower as well as, motivate people to appreciate themselves and understand that they have a vital role to play in both healing themselves… as well as raising the healing vibration of this planet?

With these challenges in mind, I began following my instincts regarding what I needed to do. Being a practioner of Bhakti yoga and being personally grounded in a strong spiritual practice, I found my path in being able to share my skills and knowledge with my friends at first. The results of my practice spoke for themselves and as a result, the demand for my care grew and transformed into the manifestation of Adi Shaktee.

I envision this being achievable by creating a platform on which self-care through education, nurturing and empowerment creates the foundation for women and men to begin this healing process. This platform forms an oasis of rejuvenation. Through the delivery of healing modalities such as reiki, aromatherapy, restorative yoga, crystal healing, meditation and life coaching, I wish to empower my clients to address their personal needs (biological, psychological, spiritual, social and sexual), in nurturing themselves, and empower them to be their own ambassadors of change and growth. In empowering, I hope to tap into the innate intuition that we are blessed with. This intrinsic radar is vital in restoring the homeostasis within the individuals that make up our society as well at our planet. I believe in the philosophy that we are all connected and if the individual is in harmony with the universe, then the universe is in harmony with itself.

We are the roots and foundation of our society. We are sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, educators, healers, naturally intuitive and have allowed ourselves to be forgotten by the wayside.

I also visualize women, in particular, as the expansion of the universal feminine energy and in order to restore the universal flow, we have to begin with the nurturer herself. Women’s health in the physical sense has been handled by many different groups and organizations, but what I have noticed is that component of empowerment and healing from one’s core is lacking.

Spiritual, emotional and psychological wounds manifest in the flesh. Treating the flesh wounds does not “cure” the problem. We have to get to the root and help women recall their power to first heal themselves and then to heal others. I want to bring women (and men if they feel called) to a place where they can reclaim their spiritual power.

The work being done at “Adi Shaktee” is planned around the needs of the individual. Each modality of care is implemented to make our clients feel at home in their bodies and to feel confident in the choices they make. Care is goal oriented and the client decides what their goals are. With the practice of intention setting, we set small achievable goals for care that promote wellness, increase self-esteem and motivates our clients to take on bigger issues in their lives.

Pashyo Sarkin

My first attempt at coaching was with my quarreling parents.  I was only a few years old and did not have much success there… So I looked for more effective ways: I learnt the art of Tarot Reading, Western Astrology, Dream Journeys, Pendulum Work, NLP, Hypnosis and most importantly Meditation. These modalities have been part of my own healing journey and I have been sharing them in individual sessions for the last 25 years.

Kundalini Bhakti Mantra 

Aadee Shaktee Aadee Shaktee
Aadee Shaktee, Namo Namo
Sarab Shaktee, Sarab Shaktee,
Sarab Shaktee, Namo Namo
Pritham Bhaagavatee, Pritham Bhaagavatee
Pritham Bhaagavatee, Namo Namo
Kundalini, Maataa Shaktee
Maataa Shaktee, Namo Namo


Translation of Mantra

I bow to the Primal Power
I bow to the All-Encompassing Power
I bow to That through which God creates
I bow to the Creative Power of the Divine Mother
Mother, to the Goddess Power

Calls upon the Divine Mother, the Infinite, the Powerful
Takes away negativity, eliminates fears and brings fulfillment of desires.